College Sports Quota Admissions

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One of the most common myths for sports quota admissions is that unless someone does not swim like Michael Phelps, it would difficult for him to get an athletic scholarship. The truth of the matter is that it does not really makes any difference if you are not in top 5 percent of your sport. But it the same time, it would be foolhardy to sit back and wait for scholarship offers to come to you. You can market yourself and with partial funding can even earn a spot on the team. Let us look at the basic fundamentals to prep up before contacting the college coaches for the scholarships.
1. Acquire information on the various leagues and the diverse divisions of the college sports. Did you know that teams are segregated in one of the three divisions? The three divisions are NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.
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Focus and determine your athletic experience and decide if your athletic abilities are in alignment with your goals. You can consult your high school coach or your sports club or your athletic camp and accumulate as much of informed opinion to help you decide on your idea of competing at college level. These experienced coaches with their connections can provide you with valuable resources with regard to the athletic scholarship search.
4. Have a detailed understanding of the recruitment process. Majority of sports have their official recruiting season begin on July 1 in the summer of junior year. With admission letter being the end of the process. There are various stages to this process, including initial identification, phone contact and print contact, visits – both official and unofficial, intent scholarship letter and finally coach’s official support.
5. Finally, with the fundamentals in place, self-recruitment is the next step. The idea is to introduce yourself to the coaches and increase your visibility. To achieve this you can send introduction letters, ask for questionnaires which you can fill out, attending sports seminars or showcasing in athletic camps by
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