College Students Should Not Pay For College Essay

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According to, an average college student has to pay $32,405 for a combined tuition and fee cost for a private college. On average, a college student makes $1,200 a month through part time jobs and help from a parent; that’s only $14,400 a year. Getting a scholarship of a couple hundred dollars, depending on your school, won’t always be enough to pay for college. Based on an Edward Jones survey, around 83% of americans have said that they can’t afford to go to college, and college prices are always going up. If college students can’t afford college, then why doesn't the government lower the cost or pay for the college? This debate on whether or not the government should or should not interfere with college tuition has always been questioned. Almost all of the college students that I know have already wondered that question as to why. It just doesn’t make sense.
Being a junior in high school, I’ve been told to start my search for a college. Now I completely understand that there are state school like any SUNY school and community colleges that would make for a cheaper school, but why is it fair that someone with the same GPA and record as another person has to go to a SUNY school while the other gets to go to a big shot school because of the money in their
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Well, if you are a college student, I doubt that you’d have time to do all your work in school, then go to work, and later get back home to do more school work, and end the day late at night to sleep then wake up for your next class. But this all depends on what your major is and your professor. You can’t really get a good paying job without having a college degree. Having a college degree, rather than a high school degree, also increases your annual salary. So how is a student to gain money if they don’t even have the proper equipment necessary to achieve the money they really
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