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College Education is necessary for a successful life

In order to have a successful life, you must go to college. As a high school student they are deciding on what the next to do in the future. They either chose to go to the military, go to work, or go to college, but they don’t chose to go to college because it cost too much, and the courses will be hard. The best way to have a successful life is a college education.
When you are in school, you are thinking on what to do in college, and what classes to take. One reason that college education that will you help learn, so you will get you a job. In now days jobs requires a degree and training for the job you want. College gives you on the job training that wills you the training for how to work in the job. The payoff will be much better than without a college education. A college education will help gain technical experience that will build a resume that will allow you to network, and potentially show you weather or not that major is right for you. A person with a bachelor’s earned 2.4 million, and person with a master degree earn 2.8 million more than a
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The first experience to gain in college is living in the dorms, you can meet other students, and you and the student can bond over things like classes, homework, and interests. You can learn your roommate background, and what the roommate wants to study and his or her interests is. Second experience you can join club, volunteer, or get involved while attending college. The clubs, organizations is a great way to make friends, and learn from many people at the organizations. These clubs will make a lot of fun experience that will last a long time. Last experience is to study abroad. When studying at a different country you get to learn the country culture, and how the country act. College experiences gives you what you want do while in classes and the fun you had while in
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