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Define Problem or Opportunity After analyzing the issues at College Techies United, I have defined the key problem to be the long wait times for customers. By performing a SWOT analysis (Appendix) and utilizing the Fishbone Model (Appendix) to define the issues of College Techies United, I have identified three main root causes: 1. Space- With limited space, 1500 square feet, this limits the amount of staff-able employees, which limits the amount of customers that can be helped. It is important for the company to use this space as efficiently as possible. 2. Processes- Drop in service employees spend 40% of their time doing tasks that take them away from their work, such as, paperwork, billing, greeting customers and slack time. On-site appointments…show more content…
Make On-Site Services More Efficient- By creating a free company phone app where people can register for On-Site services, we can then place customers into a queue system ranked on who signed up first. When the customers are placed into this queue, the on-site employees are notified and directed to go to the customer’s address based on nearby location and where they stand on the queue. Employees will then text the customer when they are on their way to notify them. With the owners working in high end careers in the technology field, the owners can create this phone application at little to no…show more content…
Adding Additional Work Spaces- I believe it is justified to get rid of the break room area and replace this area with more Drop-In Service counters. With all employees being part time they will be there for limited hours so they do not need a break, however if they do need a break they can go to local shops like the nearby Starbucks listed in the case. Additionally, they can move the computer they have in the break room out to the hardware/software desk where those employees can use the computer for the required

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