College Tuition Should Be Hand Out Essay

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College Tuition Shouldn’t just be Handed out

In today’s society, some believe that the given opportunity of school is a blessing. Work ethic, sacrifice and the value of the dollar are not valued in today’s society. How must one individual relay such focus on something that is so valued and determined. Multiple persons devote their own life to how well they provided in school system. If everyone is given the same opportunity at the same start why must we prohibit the go getters that came from nothing with new thresh holds in which gives my stand on education is an equal opportunity stands on the revelations of our country’s next generation. Some people believe college tuition should be free; however, it should not, because it will devalue the college diploma, taxes will become higher, and it’s as simple as nothing in life is free.

The first reason why college tuition shouldn’t be a hand out is because it would devalue the college diploma. If everyone had a diploma what makes it different from the people you’re working next too, who is going to get that promotion. Say college tuition
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Nothing in life is free, it may not come out of your pocket directly, but it will come out of someone else’s. It doesn’t help that students are not committed to school now. The graduation rate for first time students at the regular four-year public establishment is 48.3%. How does that make sense and why make it free if we can’t even maintain our college graduation rates up? Making college free to all is not going to give the big picture a great return on their investment. Numerous full-time students are graduation at the minimum rate. After they even graduate they can make a decent living for that matter even make more than a student without the college education. Not only will it make taxes go up but the loans they take out are not getting paid for; just digging more in more into a
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