College Vaccination Research Paper

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If you want to reside on campus at any Florida college or university then you will have to submit proper documentation of your past/present vaccinations. These vaccines should include meningitis, hepatitis B, and MMR. This does not apply to students planning to attend any post-secondary intuition, but lives off campus. They still have to submit vaccination records but it does not include the meningitis vaccine. If more students get vaccinated, then outbreaks on campus will be lower. In this paper I will be discussing the pro side of having vaccinations at post-secondary institutions. This paper will go over why it’s important for college students to be vaccinated.
I choose the pro side because, I want to see everybody on campus safe and healthy.
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There was a study done in Maryland, the report summaries that freshmen who live in dormitories have an independent, elevated risk of meningococcal disease compare with other college students (). If a certain percentage of college students are not vaccinated, then there’s a higher chances that an outbreak will occur. More student vaccinated will reduce the outbreak rate. In most cases, the disease was already present before vaccination. Students do not need vaccinations, because the body can natural eliminate disease on its own. Most of the time the human body conquers a virus ().The antibodies in the body can fight off the infection just like the vaccine does but does not require the harsh chemicals that the vaccine has. The body can fight off any infectious disease, but it will take the body longer. It will also cost more because of hospital visits, prescriptions, and taking time off.
I would like to propose that every post-secondary educational institution of Florida have their student supply documentation of the vaccine meningitis, regardless of living status. To get this waived you must prove exemption by religious belief. If exemption does not apply for that student, then they need the vaccination. For students who do not follow this rule will have a hold placed on their account. This will prevent them from registering for classes, or applying for housing. The hold will be removed once admission received the updated vaccination
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