William Patterson's Article Breaking Out Of Our Boxes

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Register to read the introduction…In high school every student has to follow a certain set of rules. When to go to class, when to eat and when to go home. High school students are more in a ‘box’ compared to college students. In college the students have more power to decide their own rules. They have the freedom to choose when and what they do. While most assume individuals would prefer going back to high school as opposed to college, the differences in scheduling, responsibilities, and teachers/professors show…show more content…
In High school the instructors are more involved with the students work. They make sure that every student is keeping up with the class. They extend deadlines to help students pass their class. The instructors also remind students what they need to be doing. They also make sure no student is working ahead of the class. So that everyone is on the same page. That way the class can work together and help each other out if needed. The high school instructors have a lot more rules for their classrooms unlike college instructors. They have more say so in what the students can and cannot do while in their class. While college instructors are more lay back about what goes on in their classrooms. College instructors do not make sure that every student is on the same page. This is better for students who work faster than others. They can move on instead of having to wait on the other students to finish the assignments. College instructors also do not have many rules for their class. Most just tell their class to not disrupt them while they are teaching. They also are more lenient about what goes on in their class. They do not care if students are paying attention to them as long as they are not distracting the class. College instructors compared to high school instructors are more
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