College Vs. High School

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Degree or Diploma: College vs. High School “A Major problem in creating need-satisfying schools and classrooms derives from the personal and institutional ‘boxes’ in which we voluntarily confine ourselves so that we can maintain our safety and comfort,” claims William Patterson in his Phi Delta Kappan article “Breaking Out of Our Boxes.” Patterson helps to point out an important factor in why college is superior to high school. In high school every student has to follow a certain set of rules. When to go to class, when to eat and when to go home. High school students are more in a ‘box’ compared to college students. In college the students have more power to decide their own rules. They have the freedom to choose when and what they do. While most assume individuals would prefer going back to high school as opposed to college, the differences in scheduling, responsibilities, and teachers/professors show otherwise. Schedules in high school and college differ in a lot of ways. As Laura K. Zimmermann notes in her Chronobiology International article “Chronotype and the transition to College Life,” “For many, college is a period of changing social synchronizers, with young people moving from required early morning classes and parental control to increased flexibility and autonomy in scheduling” (905). Students in high school have to be in school usually from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. which equals to having seven hours a day just for school. Most students in high school have a set
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