College Women Rape Research Paper

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Kassandra Valdespino
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College is a setting in which incoming and regular students are exposed to sexual activities and experimentations, with this exposure comes the rise of Campus sexual assault. Campus sexual assault is one of the least reported crimes, with studies showing that up to 90% of rape victims never report it. Many choose to ignore this issue, taking away the importance of it; leaving victims feeling useless and embarrassed. Some even choosing to believe this a myth, but this issue is very real and being very undermined.

Starting from the day college starts, sex culture is practically flashing in bright neon letters. The incoming freshmen are welcomed by giant banners, some reading “Freshman Daughter Drop-off”
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College women rape college men, this is true, college women rape college men far less often than they are victims, also true. But that doesn’t undermine the fact that men are sexually assaulted as well. “One in 16 men and one in five women are sexually assaulted; male college students, 18-24 are 78 percent more likely than non students to be a victim of rape or sexual assault.” These victims are very hidden, much more than females are when it comes to the issue, it’s kind of embarrassing for them. Although we don’t see it it does happen, girls are being made out to be the only targets but they are not; and often thats what keeps the males from reporting, the fear of knowing they wont be heard and will only be made fun on. “Men often have difficulty accepting themselves as victims because the idea of their being sexually assaulted by women goes against the standard cultural assumptions about masculinity, such as aggression, strength and power.” You’ll hear often about male rape victims being told that it’s ok, that it wasn’t rape; they 're constantly being mocked being told that “they definitely enjoyed it” and that it’s pathetic that a women could take advantage of them, but it’s true that “most men who are sexually assaulted are sexually assaulted by other men”. So what do we say to that? What do and what can we do about
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