College Wrestling Persuasive Speech

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In the National Collegiate Athletic Association wrestling is one of the top five viewed championships in college sports, but how are we supposed to know who we like best when we only get to see them in the playoffs? I believe that there should be more college wrestling on TV.
There should be more wrestling on TV because it’s unfair. There’s NCAA football and basketball on television all the time, so why shouldn’t there be wrestling too? Eighty-three percent of the people I interviewed agreed with me on this subject. That means only 17% of these people disagreed with me, that should be enough to convince people’s minds. They sometimes show reruns of old NBA games when they could fill that slot with a wrestling dual. It just isn’t fair for
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The sport of wrestling has grown tremendously in the last ten years, but it’s still nothing compared to soccer. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world, dating back to 776 B.C. It was done in the early Greek olympics. You would think that with a sport that has been around this long more kids would do it, but sadly that isn’t the case. So sports channels should help the cause.
People that have wrestled for awhile want to keep tabs on their favorite teams. My favorite wrestling school is Oklahoma State University. I like to keep track of how they’re doing, but I would enjoy watching it on TV more than looking the matches up. My favorite wrestler is Chris Perry, but I didn’t learn about him from watching him, I learned about him from a wrestling camp. I would have loved to watch his matches, but by the time I learned about him he had graduated. That made me very angry and I hope that it is on more this year so that I can follow my favorite teams.
Some of you may disagree with me and say that wrestling is on enough or that there is higher demand for other sports. I would respond by saying that if they had put wrestling on more in the past there would be a higher demand for it now. If they just put it on a few more channels I would be
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