Collegiate Athletes

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Should Collegiate Athletes Be Introduced to a Pay Grade? Due to the many amenities collegiate athletes already receive, such as special registration for classes, large scholarships, and thousands of dollars each in terms of travel and team expenses, student-athletes should not be paid. While many college sports supporters feel college athletes should be referred to in the same interest as big-time professional athletes due to their experience and the difficulty of performing well in their specific sport, a more in-depth perspective needs to be taken on the subject. Student-athletes attending college spend a great amount of time devoted to their individual sport, but even though they spend immense amounts of time working to get better on…show more content…
Boyce Watkins. This poem presents a true depiction about the dangers associated with playing a collegiate sport and presents to students what the dangers can be with gaining all the “amenities” associated with it. This can sometimes cause athletes to expect some form of payment for their efforts. Many student-athletes feel like they have it all, as explained by Watkins. Watkins describes the way one student-athlete feels by saying, “I 'll sign all your footballs for 9.95. / The cheerleaders and honeys all treat me real nice. / My coach calls me “The Messiah”, / just like Jesus Christ My head may be swollen, / like a big blimp” (Watkins). Paying colligate athletes would just add to this problem even more, but the reality is these athletes are already receiving great amounts of money from their higher education institutions. The truth is paying college athletes would just escalate problems even more and would cause an increase in their will to perform even better. It has been consistenly proven that pay can greatly increase one’s desire to improve. In a way, this is seen throughout the workplace. Employees will try everything in their power to gain a higher pay rate, which is how a collegiate athlete would also most likely perform if paid. At the end of the day student-athletes need to ask themselves why they would truly like to attend
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