Collegiate Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Collegiate athletes bring in so much revenue and money to the universities and do not get any financial credibility for it. To solve the problem of the athletes not being paid for the things 2 Works cited they do, the NCAA can give the athletes enough money to support themselves, or they can buy the necessities for them so they know the money is going to the right place. The most significant solution is giving the athletes enough money a month to support themselves. My solution is easily feasible because there is not that much money being spent on the athletes themselves. Financially this solution is feasible because the NCAA has more than enough money to give each of the athletes small shares to get what they need. Legally, the NCAA states …show more content…

My solution is better than any other proposed solution because all other solutions may ask too much or too little from NCAA making them refuse any proposal talking about the athletes being paid. The annual revenue of college athletics is $10.6 billion and it’s believed that compared to a $120,000 scholarships it shows that the athletes really do deserve to be paid. If the athletes aren’t paid who says that they cannot resort to selling drugs or other illegal activities so they can feed themselves, Athletes are said to have changed their field of study to accommodate with their sport because balancing school and their sport was too hard to do because they spend too much time focused on their sport. The NCAA believes that the fact that the athletes might be drafted and go into being a professional athlete shows that they can wait to be paid. In conclusion, athletes should only be paid enough to support themselves and be able to have some luxuries that they deserve. The reasons they should only be paid that much is because it will save the NCAA a substantial amount opposed to if the athletes were paid if they were 4 Works cited professionals. If athletes were paid they would be able to put food on the table and it

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