Collegiate Gothic Styles

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On the east coast, many universities were built using collegiate gothic styles. The reason was, a large amount of these buildings were built during the time period where there was a revival in Gothic styles. These gothic styles would revolutionize various different universities and high schools across the nation; however, not all universities decided to take this designing route. One university in particular, UCLA, used styles from the Lombard Romanesque time period. The differences between these styles include structural concepts like vault support types and the moods that are set off from the building. UCLA was built using a Romanesque style due to the fact that the designers wanted to invoke a certain feeling throughout the experience of a person when they visit the campus. Through a comparison between universities that were built using a collegiate gothic style and UCLA’s Romanesque style, I have found that there is a link between the climate of the city and the…show more content…
Many east coast schools were built using Collegiate Gothic styles because of the time period they were built in. A number of the schools were in fact built during the Gothic movement that began in the late 1740s and continued to grow rapidly in the early 19th century. Many of the universities that used this design were built during this movement which had a large influence on their architectural decisions. The Gothic revival had connotations of politics, religion, and professionalism. These two designs have many differences, for example, Romanesque styles use separate compartments while Gothic uses unified compartments. The vaults in Romanesque styles are also mostly barrel-vaults while Gothic style vaults are groin-vaults. The mood each style sets off is different too, the Romanesque style have thick walls with round arches that set off a gloomy/warm feeling that fits well with Los Angeles because of the red brick that stands

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