Collier Hoeffler Model Of War

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A Society in War The memory of that night still haunts Alex’s mind like an endless swarm of winter flies that hover endlessly outside the window plane of his UN sponsored rebel rehabilitation camp. It was dark, and he was sound asleep when a large knock at the porch woke him up. Cuddling within his torn blankets he could hear the door crack as his father opened up the door. There were some low murmurs; then he heard his father pleading innocence and the thundering sound of three deafening shots and then there was silence. Every night as the moon shines over the camp he vividly remembers the bloody body of his father and mother silhouetted against the moonlight. Next day a few people in combat dresses wearing red bandannas told them that his parents were killed by the army and he was taken after a three-day walk to a camp where he was taught how to shoot rifles and how to use a dagger to chop off heads of the “feudal forces”. He was twelve then and for the next six years he lived a…show more content…
where people are poor and the wage with which a rebel soldier can be hired is low. (Collier, Paul. and Anke Hoeffler). In the Nepalese Civil War this has been mostly true. Though the Civil War spread to almost all of the 75 districts (analogous to US counties) of Nepal, the poorer districts were particularly prone to the conflict. A regression analysis shows that poverty and the civil war is strongly correlated as suggested by the fact that poorer the district, the earlier the insurgency spread in that region (Do, Quy-Toan and Iyer, Lakshmi. Page 7). Another research shows that a one standard-deviation increase in poverty rate (23 percentage points) is associated with 57-63 additional conflict related deaths (0.23-0.26 standard deviations).( Do, Quy-Toan and Iyer, Lakshmi,
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