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Research Proposal Name: Miss Kaewkarn Noonpakdee Date: 27th July 2014 E-mail: Telephone: 080-460-4642 Number of credit: 3 credits Supervisor: Dr. Punyapa Saengsri Research Title: A study of collocation error types in students’ writing Research questions: 1.What collocation error types are made by the participants? 2. What are sources of collocation error? Rationale of the study: Collocation is significant knowledge for EFL learners to acquire. As many researchers (Brown, 1974; Bahn&Eldaw, 1993; Howarth, 1998) have found that collocational knowledge benefits second language learners in their language competence, communicative competence and native-like fluency. Learners who have collocational knowledge will shift…show more content…
Baker (1997), one of the linguists who tried to give definition for collocation, defines collocations as a tendency of certain words to co-occur regularly. Similarly, Lewis (2000) defines collocation as a subcategory of multi-word items, made up of individual words that usually co- occur. In addition, Nation (2001) labels the term collocation as a group of words that usually come together, either because they commonly occur together like make a decision, or because the meaning of the group is not obvious from the meaning of the parts, as with by the way or to take someone in. Frameworks of collocational error types in this study To classify the types of collocational errors appeared in students writing, the researcher uses categorization of collocations by Benson et al (1986a). According to Benson et al., there are two major groups of collocation: Lexical and grammatical collocations. Lexical collocation can contain nouns, adjective, verbs, or adverbs, like adjective+verb in “best regards” or adverb+verb on “strictly accurate” There are seven types of lexical collocation, listed from L1-L7, as shown in table 1.1 below. Table 1.1 Lexical Collocation Adopted from Benson et al.…show more content…
Grammatical collocations are further categorized into eight groups, from G1 – G8, and there are 19 patterns in G8. The pattern of each grammatical collocation group together with examples are presented in table 1.2 Table 1.2 Grammatical Collocations adopted from Benson et al. (1986a) Type Pattern Example G1 noun + preposition blockade against G2 noun + to inf. An attempt to do G3 noun + that clause He took an oath that he would do his duty. G4 preposition + noun in advance G5 adjective + preposition afraid of G6 predicate adjective +to inf. It was stupid for them to go. G7 adjective + that clause She was afraid that she would fail the exam. G8 19 sub-patterns in G8 are; G8a V+ direct O + to + indirect O = V+ indirect O+ direct O She sent him the book = She sent the book to him. G8b V+ direct O + to+ indirect O They mentioned the book to

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