Colloids Research Paper

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Colloids And Suspensions
ADITYA MAAN (14045007), GAURAV BARAK (14045032), MANOJ DHAKER (14045052)

INTRODUCTION A colloid is a substance which is microscopically dispersed throughout another substance. The word colloid comes from Greek word kolla, meaning glue thus colloidal particles are glue like substances. Colloidal particles pass through filter paper but not through a semipermeable membrane. Colloids can be made settle by centrifugation. Molecules of a hydrophilic colloid have an affinity for water molecules and thus when they are dispersed in water they become hydrated. Hydrated colloids swell and increase the viscosity of the system, hence improving stability by reducing the interaction between particles and their tendency to settle. A hydrophobic colloid has little or no affinity for water molecules in solution and produces no change in system viscosity. Some colloids are translucent because of the Tyndall effect, which is the scattering of light by particles in the colloid. Otherwise
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Usually larger than one micrometer. A Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which the solute particles do not dissolve but get suspended throughout the bulk of the medium. Parti-cles of suspension are visible to the naked eye. The internal phase (solid) is dispersed throughout the external phase (fluid) through mechanical agitation, with the use of certain suspending agents. Un-like colloids, suspensions will eventually settle. An example of a suspension is sand in water. The sus-pended particles are visible under a microscope and will settle over time if left undisturbed. This distin-guishes a suspension from a colloid, in which the suspended particles are smaller and do not settle. Col-loids and suspensions are different from solutions, in which the dissolved substance (solute) does not exist as a solid, and solvent and solute are homogeneously

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