Colombian Culture

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The Culture of Colombia and the Colombian People Culture is defined as the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. This definition of culture is very true in the country of Colombia. In this paper, I will be going over the three major topics that I believe to be the most important about the Colombian culture: religion, language, and food and customs. Also, while covering these main topics, I will overview terrain, infrastructure, and military conflicts.
Colombia is located in the northern region of South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean in the west, Panama to the Northeast, Caribbean Sea to the Northwest, Venezuela directly to the east, Brazil in the southeast, and Peru and Ecuador in the south. Many towns were established in the early 1600s when the Spaniards began to settle in Colombia. Because of this, many cities in Colombia today bear witness to Spanish culture. Colombia won its independence in the early 19th century, and is now known as the Republic of Colombia. Regional cultural traditions are diverse, with a broad range of distinct groups that have unique customs, accents, social patterns, and cultural adaptations. These groups are classified into three cultures: those in the interior, the countryside, and the coastal regions. Only during
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For example, meeting with a family member will take priority to Colombians over hanging out with friends or any business colleagues. The Colombian customs continue to remain formal and respectful. More in depth, men will shake hands with direct eye contact and women will grasp forearms. With regards to dining, a guest should wait to be seated by the host, do not rest elbows on the table, and be sure to try everything that you are given. Some popular Colombian foods are; Tamales, Pescado Frito, Arroz con Pollo, and Bistec a
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