Colonel Freeleigh Poem

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Topic Sentence 1… Colonel Freeleigh, from “Calling Mexico,” is a moribund man who wants to refresh the days of his healthy and happy life. Colonel Freeleigh is in a lonely place in Illinois, next to a lake, and is not allowed to get excited because of some medical reasons. However, Freeleigh just can’t bear living in a confined area for over ten years and wants to feel and sense the beautiful world, that he is missing, especially the bustling and ever-growing, Mexico City. He is very curious about what has happened since his confinement. Freeleigh is only able to this by a phone, so he calls up his friend in Mexico City. “The old man leaned forward, gripping the receiver tightly to his wrinkled ear that ached with the waiting for the next sound.…show more content…
This is seen when the nurse comes in and takes the phone away from him, saying, “Why do you do this to yourself? You promised you wouldn’t. That’s how you hurt yourself… Getting excited, talking too much,” (Paragraph 34). On top of his disease, this is what depresses him even more. He knows that if he excites himself too much, he would fail and would be history. When the reader is presented with this information, they probably pity or feel sad for Colonel Freeleigh and just want to do anything to help this man. Colonel Freeleigh, a man that who was always up for adventure, who can’t do anything now, this is basically the end of life. He also exclaims this to the nurse by arguing, “It doesn’t matter if being so alive kills a man,” (Paragraph 35). By this quote, he just means that if to live, he has to die on the inside, he wouldn’t care so much doing so. This shows that he has reached the limit and has even lost the will to live. When a reader reaches to this point of the story, the reader starts to think the outcome of the story which is probably the fact that he will
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