Colonel Hal Moore Leadership Qualities

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Leaders have come and gone throughout the history of the world. More of them are forgotten than not, only those who truly led and led well have been remembered. Many leaders that are remembered have passed through West Point. Those leaders all have similar qualities: integrity, initiative, character, decisiveness, courage, loyalty, unselfishness, and tact. All of these traits were sharply ingrained in them while attending West Point, which is why I hope to attend the Academy and hone my own characteristics. Colonel Hal Moore is a perfect example of the type of individuals who graduate from West Point. He is an outstanding leader and a revered graduate of West Point. He possesses all of the necessary qualities of a successful officer. Through his decisive decision making, Colonel Moore is remembered in U.S. history as a very successful leader. One of Moore’s most notable accomplishments was his victory in the battle of Landing Zone X-Ray, showing his superb leadership skills, including decisiveness in predetermining his weak point and in sending his men to defend it. His courage brought him to the front lines, “where the metal meets the meat,” often being the first man off of his helicopter. He led his men by example. Colonel Moore is a prime example of the type of man the USMA hopes to create, and the man I aim…show more content…
Through some simple yet extensive paper work, almost anyone can finish the application process for West Point. Arriving at West Point, with an optimistic outlook can be done, but only drive can get them through the challenges ahead: the early mornings, the intense physical training, being berated by a cadre for any and every mistake they make. Cadets must be willing to endure adversity and overcome it if they hope to succeed at West Point. They must have courage to get up in the morning and say I will not fail today, or any day at the

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