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Colonel Harland David Sanders was an American businessman best known for his business in the fast food industry, KFC. Sanders was born in Henryville, Indiana. He dropped out of school in seventh grade and claimed that algebra was to hard for him. However, Sanders did not start out as successful as he is now. He worked jobs such as being a steam engine stoker, insurance salesman, and working in small resturaunts. Sandes 's father worked on his 80 acre farm, and his mother worked in a tomatoe cannery. As his parents worked all day, young Harland was required to watch over his younger siblings. Since Sanders spent so much time at home, he became very skilled in the kitchen, and this is where his interest in the food industry came about. In Sanders early life, he lied about his date of birth and inlisted in the United States army. He was honorably discharged in 1907, and then he moved to Alabama. This is when Sanders worked for the Southern Railway company. This lasted about two months, and then…show more content…
In November of that year, the motel bunrt to the ground. Sanders then rebuilt the motel with a large resturaunt. Sanders realized how much he loved cooking and finalized his secret recipe for fried chicken. He used a pressure fryer instead of a frying pan to fry the chicken which was a much faster way to serve all of his customers. He then ran many cafeterias for the government, and soon became the manager of many cafeterias. Sanders divorced his wife soon after, and married his mistress. In 1952, Sanders franchised "Kentucky Fried Chicken" also known as "KFC" to Pete Harman of South Salt Lake, Utah. He operated one of the most largest and successful resuraunts. Within the first year of selling Sander 's fried chicken, sales trippled in the resturaunt. He decided to travel to sell his franchise to new businesses. He would offer to cook them chicken and if they liked it, he would discuss franchising with

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