Colonial America Dbq Analysis

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Through democratic and undemocratic features in colonial America, democracy was a work in progress. On the following essay, The following will to prove that the Americans of the past had a democratic government, but they had to work hard to make it equal for all. 3 documents tell about the features of American government. The first detail of a democratic feature is a Regular, Free, and Fair election. In a regular, free and fair election ,people have the right to vote for free. It is considered to be fair because everyone 18 and older can vote. Also, people can vote for a candidate of their liking. Voting happens on a regular basis. In Document 3 The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, it states “It is ordered that no person be chosen governor more…show more content…
As humans, we all have three natural rights. We are born with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In Document 5 Plan of a Slave Ship the prisoners were chained up and couldn't move, most of the slaves died on the way overseas. That goes against all of the 3 natural rights, they weren't happy, most of them died, and they had no liberty. The third detail of a work in progress is Equality. In the Constitution it says “All men are created equal” , but even when the Constitution was made, America still had trouble with that. On Document 2 Voting Qualifications it says that in order to vote you had to be white, christian, and male. This proves that back when the phrase “All men are created equal” was written, equality was still a work in progress. The democratic and undemocratic features in colonial America including, Regular, Free, and Fair election, Individual or Human rights and Equality show that democracy was a work in progress. In a Regular, Free, and Fair election everyone votes Regularly, its Free, and its Fair. Individual or Human rights is what every human is born with. Finally, Equality is when everyone is treated the
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