Colonial America Democracy

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Colonial America’s democracy was a work in progress with democratic and undemocratic features. With features like Individual and Human Rights, Equality, and Limited Government, colonial America was continuously finding new ways to govern a new society. While, some of their strategies were undemocratic and cruel, they realized and fixed it with democratic solutions. Their efforts were enormous, and created the free land of colonial America. One democratic feature would be Individual and Human Rights, which slides right along with freedom of religion. “Human rights are rights that all people have simply by being human.” In the “Maryland’s Act of Toleration in 1649,” enforced that people have the right to freedom of religion, as long as they were not embarrassed by it and respected the religion of other people. The “Maryland’s Act of Toleration” also stated that those dis-respecting other religions or embarrassed of…show more content…
In regards of our religion, we should always have the freedom to express how we feel about whatever god we decide to worship. So, luckily that’s a freedom protected by Individual and Human Rights, simply because we are human. As for our equality, no one wants to be treated like a dog. Equality is the right that tells other people how they can and cannot treat others around them. Hence the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. Last, but not least, the right to Limited Government. Without limiting our government they could gain way too much power and leave us with none. “Power to the people!” wouldn’t mean anything, because the people wouldn’t have power if government wasn’t limited. We have these protected rights for a reason. Reason is simply because without them, we’d be just like the slaves who came here on that nasty ship; dirty and
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