Colonial America Essay

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Colonial America America the brave, wasn’t so beautiful during its early years. It hasn’t always been the land of the free like how it was instilled in us when we were children. I’ve grown up thinking that America had been such a place. There was countless times that America was faced with making decisions that were incredibly undemocratic. For instance , Women’s rights, religious freedom, and rights for slaves were virtually nonexistent. Occasionally the colonist made the right choices like indentured servants, who were people that worked for a certain amount of time then were allowed to go.People don’t know the truth about the unhinged history of Colonial America. The democratic aspect of America is a where you can make laws and vote.…show more content…
Women were not allowed to own land, keep any possessions they acquired from their lives with their parents or testify against rape. Women weren’t valued as much as men. Sometimes when they inherited land or belongings their husbands got to keep them in case of divorce, which rarely ever happened.The man in the relationship also got to keep any children born of the two. If a woman was ever raped by her husband she couldn’t testify against him because she would be accused of lying. This is why women were believed to be unequal to men. Outside sources say that women were mostly free to do what they wanted until they got married. Unmarried women and widows were allowed to get jobs that didn’t need degrees in. Most women were expected to get married at younger ages. Those who didn’t get married went to work on farms or in people’s houses. When they did they were deemed unnatural “spinsters” or “thornbacks”. Those who did have money, which was rare, started their own business. But this wasn’t all. Although there was a huge debate on women’s rights another main undemocratic topic was slavery.Slaves were treated inadequately and with no respect. Slaves were bought by whites that needed people to work on their plantations. They were sold by the kings of their tribes for guns and textiles. They were taken against their will and most slaves never got to leave from the slave owners. If a slave
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