Colonial America

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With the discovery of the New World at the end of the 15th century it marked the beginning of European expansion into the Americas. With the unplanned discovery, it allowed for a new life to emerge, however, for some this meant a new fulfilled life and for the rest that meant destruction and isolation. To describe colonial America, we will focus on the biographies of Junipero Serra, Pocahontas and Catherine Tekawitha. With the discovery of the Americas as well as an improvement in ship technology this allowed many to disembark their home regions and set sail for the New World. These settlers were all hoping to find a passage to the West Indies, hoping to return back home with luxury goods. The discovery of the Americas, allowed many to see…show more content…
Natives in New France were essential for the fur trading business since they were excellent guides. As a result of the fur trade, trading posts were created which caused the creation of permanent settlements, along the St. Lawrence River. Due to the fur trade, this allowed for an exchange of commodities to occur as well as religion and culture. With the introduction of goods and a blasting economy many saw British North America as a great opportunity to create wealth. However, most indentured servants that arrived in Virginia realized that obtaining wealth was a hard thing to accomplish. With time, each colony managed to sustain itself and now each colony was in high demand of African slaves. The England’s Royal African Company was responsible for transporting thousands of slaves to English American colonies. The transporting of slaves was one of the greatest economic resources that the English relied on. However, competition was a big issue so in 1651 English Parliament passed its Navigation Act, which was to govern and control trade between England and its colonies. We see a similar technique as well as with the Spanish, “The Crown had barred the colony from producing finished goods, requiring that colonists purchase them from Spain” . With the significance of the American colonies it allowed for an increase in consumer goods. All these goods such as sugar, tea, and chocolate were made accessible to all. However, most of these goods such as sugar and rice came at a cost, thousands of Africans were shipped to the Caribbean’s as well as north and South Carolina to allow for these goods to be
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