European Imperialism Analysis

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Colonialism is a way to enrich a country at the cost of other countries. The phenomenon of Colonization or in other word Imperialism began in the 15th century by the lead of Portuguese and Spanish, and especially it stretched away rapidly after the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks. Constantinople, which at that time was an important city for the European, was unable to continue its transaction with European cities, especially in affording raw materials for them. Consequently, these economic reasons as well as some other political and religious motives paved the way for the European Empire to invade other countries in order to take more money and raw materials from the other lands. As time goes by, the number of colonizer countries are…show more content…
Unlike The British, which has an organization that called ‘The Commonwealth’, which aimed to corporate all, the former colonies countries under one umbrella, The Dutch as a Repressive Colonial Government do not have any kind of that organization. Every country that gained independence from the Dutch is becoming an independent country entirely. From the position of former colonized countries, this is certainly profitable, still from the Dutch’s perspective this is a hassle. Yet, what is the reason of all these? Why the British could win over their colonies and the Dutch could not? In ‘’Ancient and Modern Imperialism’’ Cromer (1920) advocates ‘’From the fact that, in their Eastern colonies, the Dutch have done all in their power to discourage the acquisition of a knowledge of Dutch amongst the native subjects, I think it may be inferred not only that they have never attempted to carry out a policy of fusion, but that they are altogether opposed to making the attempt’’ (p.78). The answer is, from the citation above it can be deduced that during the colonization in their Eastern colonies, the Dutch Empire was attempting to rest it away from the natives; they were trying not to carry out a policy of fusion. Instead, this phenomenon contrasts with the British policy where they were keeping up a relationship with the…show more content…
However, each type of Colonial Government influences differently to their colonies, especially in education, culture and commonwealth. The British Empire as a Liberal Colonial Government is more successful than the Dutch, which is a Repressive Colonial Government. In addition, it can be seen from the British policy towards educational and cultural side of the natives as well as their way of maintaining the relationship with
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