Colonial Government And Colonialism

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Colonialism is a way to enrich a country at the cost of other countries. The phenomenon of Colonization or in other word Imperialism began in the 15th century by the lead of Portuguese and Spanish, and especially it stretched away rapidly after the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks. Constantinople, which at that time was an important city for the European, was unable to continue its transaction with European cities, especially in affording raw materials for them. Consequently, these economic reasons as well as some other political and religious motives paved the way for the European Empire to invade other countries in order to take more money and raw materials from the other lands. As time goes by, the number of colonizer countries are increasing, beside Portuguese and Spanish, empires like the British and French started colonizing the American and African land, seeing their neighbors are becoming richer by colonizing other countries The Dutch also took a step to involve in the phenomenon of colonization. However, even it seems that their intentions are same; it does not signify that they moved in a same movement. Considering all these conditions, I have reached the conclusion that there are two varieties of colonial government in the world: A Liberal Colonial Government and a Repressive Colonial Government. In this paper, I will focus on each type of Colonial Government impacts towards their colonies, especially in education, culture and commonwealth. Additionally,

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