Colonial Life: Daily Life In Colonial America

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Today, we can go to the store and buy milk, eggs, flour, and bread from the supermarket, go to the mall and buy clothes, then return home and turn on our televisions for entertainment. Imagine what life would be like without electricity, paved roads, supermarkets, or running water, and you have an idea of what life was like in colonial America. Life in the American colonies was very different from life today. Food was grown by hand, clothes were homemade from local materials, and free time was few and far between.
• Daily Life in 17th Century Plymouth
• Colonial Life
• Daily Life in the Colonies
• Leisure Activities in the Colonial Era
American colonial life revolved around chores, and everyone had to do their part. The typical colonial family consisted of a mother, father, and upwards of four children. Men oversaw farming, raising livestock, and hunting, chores with their sons expected to help and learn. While men were in the fields. women were responsible for taking care of the farmstead. Typical women’s chores included cooking, cleaning, tending vegetable and herb gardens, mending clothing, and raising children, skills that were passed on to their daughters. Formal education for children was different as well. Schooling was not compulsory in many of the colonies, and formal education only occurred at the elementary level.
• Historical Timeline: 17th and 18th Centuries
• Occupations and Customs in Colonial America
• 1740s American Farm
• The Daily Life of a Child in
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