Colonial Palace Essay

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Colonial Williamsburg shows life in the 1700’s as the Revolutionary war was heating up and how the different people went about their daily routines, along with showing architecture dating back to the 17 and 1800s. One of the most important buildings there is the Capitol, originally built in 1705, the Capitol is deeply entwined throughout Virginian history as a link to the colonial times when American colonists struggled to rise for independence. The Capitol had great importance during colonial times and still holds value with the citizens in Williamsburg and all over the country. It, also has a strong connection with the motto “That the future may learn from the past”. This building is deeply deserving of a commemorative coin because it held the Governor’s Council and the House of Burgesses, helped us learn tyranny was unjust, and was built by contractor Henry Cary who created the Wren building. The Capitol had enormous historical significance and was of great importance during colonial times. They took the vote for independence, there…show more content…
The Capitol helped mold the thirteen colonies into a nation to be proud of, with the vote for independence in 1774 to the writing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Along with, holding the House of Burgesses and Governor’s Council of which the United States government today closely follows, albeit adding the judicial branch. Also, The Bruton Parish Church, Magazine, and Governors Palace, do not have the historical significance, relevance and value to present day citizens, and connection to the motto “That the future may learn from the past” as that of the Capitol. Consequently, the Capitol Building in Colonial Williamsburg, is the building most deeply deserving of having a commemorative minted for
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