Colonial War

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In general, the military during the colonial period played a major role in the developing and the expansion of the colonies. In short, the major battle during that period is what we came to learn as the Seven Years War between England and France. The war costs many lives on both sides and the root cause of the war was there was major struggle between European powers (The French and Indian War, “n.d.”). The colonial war lasted a long time and it expanded across the continent and eventually involves countries such as England, Russia, Prussia, Spain, France and others. Similarly, in 1716, Governor Alexander Spotswood, of Virginia warned the British government about the threat posed by the French in North America, stating, “They surround all the British Plantations” (Reich, 2011, p. 253). The Governor felt France present cause a threat to impact the trade with the Indian Nations and the threat of another war with…show more content…
254). The greatest disaster during that time was the lives of thirty-eight settlers were killed, but the New Englanders teamed up with the English fleet and captured Port Royal (Reich, 2011, p.254). Up to this point, the war seems like it was going to last a long time until the British Secretary of State William Pitt was giving control of the wartime operation. During his leadership, he replaced old leaders with young leaders, gave control of the recruitment and supplies to the local authorities in the colonies and promised to pay them for their work (The French and Indian War, “n.d.”). In conclusion, the war played a major role on the colonies through the lost of the local men and decrease in exporting profits because of the war hampering trade. Furthermore, it empowered the colonies to fight for control of their own destiny and paved the way for them to break away from England
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