Colonialism And Imperialism

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Lenin (1917) broadly defines imperialism as the highest form of capitalism. Lenin explains that imperialism was an effort by the "advanced" countries to exert their dominance in the world, and own and control its economic resources and potential. Capitalism made it unviable for the less developed countries to follow the route of the "advanced" countries, as this would lead to competition. The monopoly capitalist nations, therefore, did not have any interest in development. Rather, their investment went into the exploitation of raw materials for their industries. Colonialism, on the other hand, is the occupation of another territory, exerting control—political or otherwise —to exploit it economically. Colonialism, therefore, is an effort in pursuit of imperialism. The development of racism and racist ideologies is derived from the Western countries colonisation and exploitation of other parts of the world. In the process of establishing and maintaining colonial rule overseas, the Western countries put the people of Asia and Africa in an inferior position. They determined their biological make-up, and membership to a culture as inferior. Lawrence (2004) describes racism as the normalization of dynamics—cultural, historical or interpersonal—that accords privilege and preferential treatment to white individuals, at the expense of people of color. This essay will analyse the role of imperialism and colonisation on racism and race relations, some of the theories relevant to racism
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