Jean Paul Sartre Colonialism And Independence

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Colonialism and Independence units Colonialism is a system whereby countries come to a foreign land with the intention of benefiting themselves from the properties and resources of the place and dominate or control over it. Colonizers, countries which colonize foreign lands, use a different method to take over a land with the most common one being “modernizing the people who lived in the colonies” to disguise their true motive of developing their own nation’s economy by exploitation and to disseminate their own culture.

In the article “Colonialism is a system”, Jean-Paul Sartre argues colonialism is a system in which the colonist have a dominating power over the colonies to establish an economic and social
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in Pinkham 1). Rather, it was a process by which colonizers used the shoulder of their colonies so as to develop and flourish their nation. Colonizers were able to implement this system by using violence as a major tool “…that they kill; that they plunder…..”(qtd. in Pinkham 1). On the contrary to their interpretation of colonization as modernization and the prevalence of Christianity and rule of law, their actions were savage, uncivilized, and problematic. These powerful beings referring the native’s cultures and norms as barbaric was ironic since they were killing and torturing another human being; they pirated anything useful from others (qtd. in Pinkham 1). In order for the oppressors to fully benefit from this structure, they had to disregard the victims’ humanity. This ignorance to everything that existed in pre-colonial periods, had given the colonizers the audacity to view themselves as saviours (qtd. in Pinkham 1). This negligence not only disrupted the mindset of the colonist “…. decivilize the colonizer, to brutalize him in the true sense of the word……….violence, hatred, and moral relativism;” (qtd. in Pinkham 1-2), but also created a defective citizen in the colonizing nation that says nothing when a series

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