Colonialism In Americ The Golden Age Of Colonial Imperialism

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At the same time, the rise of socialist parties, with the growth of the Marxist ideas, created a feeling of cheerfulness and hope among European workers and of anxiety among ruling classes. When the first International, founded in London on 9/28/1864, ended, they created the 2nd International at the convention of Paris, in 1900.

In their colonial undertake, European countries had rather emphasized, until 1880, the pursuit of the coastal territories for trade with the population of the continent, missionary activity and exploration.

The Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 strengthened and regulated the colonial occupation of Africa and other Third World regions. It was the beginning of the colonial period after the discovery of America at the end of the 15th century, a new phase of globalization and a new period of hardship for Africa. This was the golden age of colonial imperialism.

They conquer China, India and other Asian countries at varying levels.

The United States of America completed its control of Latin America, thus laying the foundation of the "world-economy", after they occupy Asia and Africa’ countries and the Western conceded at Shanghai in Central China.

Henceforth, capitalism and imperialism govern, directly or indirectly, the whole planet and compel their vision and law across, even if, at that time, the colonial powers’ interests already thwarted the general principles of free trade and the law of the market.

During the Berlin conference, they outlined the

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