The Role Of Colonialism In Canada

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Colonialism is a perpetual and relevant issue in Canada. The definition of Colonialism is, “The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically” according to the Oxford dictionary (The Oxford Dictionary, 2018). On a small scale, Canada is influenced by Britain as British Commonwealth; the consequences that preceded the colonization are evident in the contrast of the standards of living between the general populations and Aboriginals. Colonization can also be or continue with, “geographical intrusion in the form of agricultural, urban or industrial encroachments” (LaRocque, 2008). The freedom of religion in Canada relies on the Eurocentric view…show more content…
The commercialisation of aboriginal culture is appropriation for monetary gains that only benefits a few in societies like corporations at the expense of Aboriginal people’s dignity and cultural pride. For example, having their traditional clothes used as Halloween costumes, disrespecting their culture, and romanticizing them in stories as “noble savages” (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica, 2016). Some people say that cultural appropriation is freedom of expression but, this type of discourse that justifies racism leads people to justify the continuous silencing of Aboriginal people as freedom of expression should be equal to everybody, not to a select few. Aboriginal people are left out in discussions about themselves, which lead to the dominant population making their own assumptions and decisions, informed by Eurocentric views, on behalf of aboriginal…show more content…
However there have already been similar reports done on the subject of residential schools such as the 1907 report done by, according to King, “Dr. Peter Bryce, the chief medical officer for Indian affairs in Canada…he called the health conditions at residential schools ‘a national crime’” (2015). The commission issued 94 recommendations to the parliament but, the prime minister answered with a thank you and an underwhelming response stating a long time has been spent on the report and there were many recommendations (King, 2015). Throughout the history of Canada the government has put aside the Aboriginal voices, contributing to the silencing and oppression of the Aboriginal population. The more Canada neglects to listen to Aboriginal voices, the more it contributes to the continuation of colonialism in Canada. Although the Aboriginal people of Canada had to go through, “One hundred and twenty years of neglect and malnutrition. One hundred and twenty years of physical, mental and sexual abuse. One hundred and twenty years of cultural genocide” (King, 2015), Canada still has not properly apologize. By taking responsibility Canada should not only provide recompenses, but at least treat Aboriginal
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