Colonialism In English Language

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Colonialism availed English to the masses that were colonized. In the colonization period, most of the persons affected were in Asia as well as in Africa. This was in the 19th century where the European countries divided various countries among themselves to colonize and rule over for economic reasons. Though this was the latest spate of colonization, earlier developments and spread of English form the main English speakers such as England, Ireland and Scotland, formerly, the English language was introduce to various countries such as the United States of America. New Zealand, the South African republic and Australia when there was mass migration of populations due to the shortness of resources in the motherland English speaking countries.…show more content…
Though in these countries there was influence, the development of linguistics is also currently happening currently leading to various strains of English being used by various persons in different countries (Baxter, 2009). The reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the world is becoming a global village and communication is a must for the advancement of businesses and for communication between many persons of different backgrounds. English being a widely used language, these new cultures adopts it to integrate effectively with the rest of the world in business and practice.

On this very subject, there were various patterns of colonialism. The patterns were based on social political issues as well as the different geographical locations which were colonized. The various patterns of colonization include: the divide and rule strategies, the collaboration strategies. All these strategies were used by the colonizers in their interests to expand their political and economic prospects. The divide and rule strategy was used in places where the people in those countries were united and had a good political organization and there was a
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In this circle, the linguistics in English is just in the expansion stage. This is because; the language does not play a critical role in governance of the country. The language is only used for purposes of international communication (Crystal, 2007). Some of the countries which are in this category include Russia, South Korea, Egypt, china, Indonesia and china. The numbers in this category is hard estimate though Karchu estimates the numbers to range anywhere between 0ne hundred million tone billion.
In summation of Karchu’s Categories of linguistics, the three have roles in linguistic development. The inner circle provides the norms, the outer circle develops those norms and the expanding circle just depends on the norms, they are norm
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