Colonialism In Heart Of Darkness

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Achebe’s & Said critical views toward Conrad’s Heart of darkness racism and colonialism. Introduction: This paper aims to analyze Joseph Conrad’s heart of Darkness with its different critical reviews especially Achebe and Said point of views to trace his views toward colonialism and racism. This point has been a matter of debate among writers and critics for a long time. The novella sitting is in Africa where people colonized by the European dominant powers of the time attributed to from some African writers sharp criticism against Conrad. C.Achebe accused Joseph Conrad of being "a thoroughgoing racist" for depicting Africa as "the other world”, while other critics like E.Said defended him against this accusation.This debate led us to analyze the novella text and these critics reviews deeply to extract the writer’s Ideas toward the native Africans and their culture . In reviewing the novella we can see Marlow as an overwhelming character to show the western sight toward the natives. Achebe argues that the representation of Africans in Heart of Darkness was not satisfactory .In other words he expected a Great Artist like Conrad to be more benevolent toward the people who were colonized. He claims that Conrad propagated the "dominant image of Africa in the Western imagination" rather than portraying the continent in its true form (1793). Africans were portrayed in Conrad 's novel as savages with no language other than grunts and with no "other occupations besides merging
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