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Undoubtedly, the effects of colonialism triggered major changes to the colony not only during the period of colonization but had lost lasting influence even after decolonization. History of Colonialism in the Nation (Kenya) Kenya is part of East Africa and was a British colony. Prior to the colonial time, Kenya was home to the cushites, Nilotes and Bantu people who had previously immigrated from other parts of the world. It has a well-situated coastline where the Arab traders frequented owing to convenient resupply stop area for ships going to the Far East and some of them settled there permanently. Even with that, the actual colonial time in Kenya dates back to the 1885 Berlin Conference. There, the European powers divided East Africa into various territories of influence. Later on in the…show more content…
Even though the whites had not yet officially declared Kenya as part of their colony, the white settlers were already participating nationally by having a voice in government through the legislative council. Between the year 1914-1918, Kenya became one of the British’s military base since it was then that the First World War was taking place. Notably, there was a ban on direct political participation of the Africans and Asians (Arab traders). The ban happened in 1920 and it is then that Kenya inlands was officially declared to be a ‘Colony of Kenya’. To give further details about on this, the Colony of Kenya, as declared on the 11th of June 1920, referred to the interior of the country and not the 16km stretch around the coastline. Understandably, the coastal strip was still a ‘Protectorate of Kenya’ since it was under the sovereignty of his Majesty the Sultan of Zanzibar (since the immigration of the ‘harmless’ Arab traders on the coastal strip). The Kenya Protectorate (coastal strip) was established on the 13th of August 1920 and it changed from the formerly established East Africa Protectorate. Then the colonizers brought in Sir Arthur Hardinge, as the

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