Colonialism: The Korean Mountainous Peninsula In East Asia

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The Korean mountainous Peninsula is situated in East Asia. The peninsula is bordered by the, Yellow sea, Japanese Sea, Russia, China and Korean channel. The Korean mountainous Peninsula is situated in East Asia. Location of Korea somehow has determined the country’s history and later developments. People of Korea are involved in agriculture. Korea’s location by some means has determined the country’s past and setting. Residents of Korea are engaged in agriculture. North and South Korean state system counts many centuries; but there has never been “two Koreas” before World War II. Currently, Modern world has two authoritative Koreas: North (communist regime) and South Korea (capitalist regime). In 19th century powerful nations: Japan, USA,…show more content…
Of course, Korean people would not accept this kind of colonialism in their own country and they have launched the uprisings against the Japan in 1919, Protests have been caused by several reasons: 1) it was the year of last king’s death 2) creation of League of Nations which was appealed by Koreans and they started the uprisings. Since Japan has been criticized by its harsh rules in Korea they weakened the cruelty and Korean citizens got a reduced amount of sovereignty and liberation, though it was hard way for people: many of them died by the beating, many of them were have been exiled, Certainly it was not sufficient for the country to achieve emancipation. Despite the fact that Korea was below the Japanese rule for 35 years, it has completed range of successes that were beneficial for Japan to exploit afterward wars against it. Korea developed industries, trades, radio, and cinema, most noteworthy was the urban growth. The final year of Japanese rule in Korea has been a successful for Korea since it became second-industrialized nation state in the…show more content…
It had already been determined to what to expect from USSR. Winston Churchill, who was the former Prime minister of the Great Britain, was trying to assure European nations in the unity. Throughout this period, USA and western European countries vividly saw the threat of communism from USSR. During the cold war era there have been many international and historical facts: it was the establishment of communist regime in the western countries (1945-1948), creation of German democratic republic and federal republic of Germany (1949), Korean war (1950-1953), Vietnam war (1965-1972). These confrontations have seen the world potential nuclear power threat. During the cold war period USA was able to become the leader of the capitalist world, the survival of Western civilization and the guarantee of liberal-democratic values in the west. At the same time, it became clear that the US sought to obtain political and economical supremacy throughout the noncommunist world that is why Europe and Japan were persistently resisted. However, classical isolationist policy of the US that America have been spending during the 150 years, has transformed from protectionist into very active foreign policy. Korean war itself has been started as a civil war between North and South Korea but it suddenly changed its status and became an international conflict, when USA

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