Colonialism In Literature

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Adepts of literary studies have ever had a vast dispute over a precise definition of (Post-) Colonialism. First, the term needs to be split up in its components, since Postcolonialism concentrates particularly on the effects of colonialisation, while Colonialism rather centralises “the [actual] conquest and control of other people’s land and goods” (Loomba 20). According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), colonialism is described as a settlement in a new country … a body of people who settle in a new locality, forming a community subject to or connected with their parent state; the community so formed, consisting of the original settlers and their descendants and successors, as long as the connection with the parent state is kept…show more content…
the actual conquest and domination of the colonists. Notwithstanding, it alludes to practices and processes in order to colonise these communities. Ania Loomba refers to the necessity of “un-forming or re-forming” the already existing nations by the usage of “trade, settlement, plunder, negotiation, warfare, genocide, and enslavement [original emphasis]” (20). Consequently, the research area of Colonialism analyses scientific literature, testimonies, official documents and other writings thoroughly in order to stand to reason of obstacles, apartheid and, taking the colonised people into account, the personal difficulties in adapting new cultures. Further, the colonisers’ humiliating power during the colonial era is questioned, since the exploitation of the indigenous people was crucial and relevant for the development of one’s identity. Moreover, in the nucleus of colonialism is the need…show more content…
Indeed, the modern colonialism symbolises an enormous step towards globalization and global shifts of population, since not only the colonials moved but also the colonisers in order to improve trade affairs as well as to provide necessary regulations for works on plantations (ibid. 22). Consequently, Colonialism focuses particularly on the occurrences in the height of

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