Colonialism In Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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Abstract: The present research paper is an attempt to study and analyze Mohsin Hamid’s ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist ‘in the light of Identity Crisis, cultural discrimination, terrorism, political corruptions and inferiority complex in the socio-economic and cultural areas. The novel describes the positive and negative developments in the Pakistan and American relations. Hamid in The Reluctant Fundamentalist has attempted the issues of colonialism and the quest for identity on the part of people from the so called developing cultures in the present day context. Hamid has shown that America has assumed the status of neo-colonial power. In prevention, they espouse extremist ideas and assume extreme shades of indigenous identity. This article…show more content…
In this novel, Hamid depicts how American Superiority nature spoils the culture and relation of America and Pakistan. Even after independence, Pakistanis are still living in the shadows of American colonialism, which has major impact upon people, their cultural and identities. He uses individual as symbols for their respective national culture and identity. The edgy relationship between Changes and Erica represents the complex and complicated equation that exists between Pakistan and America. Changes changes his physical appearance to impress Erica, as she likes only Americans. But of course she denies him as she had a childhood affair. The Political and policies of America have an effect upon individuals. This we could find at 9/11 attacks. After the WTO attack Afghanistan and other Muslim countries lived in fear and anxiety. Changes upset at the appearance of the waiter, probably; he takes him to kill. He gets hesitate to sip his cup of…show more content…
Emma Duncan in Breaking the Curfew refers to this situation. The meaning of the hero of this novel Changes is conqueror. It’s an urdu name. Changes studied in America and excellent in English, have good communication skills. He can grab any challenging job in American Firm, with a brand-name. He was fell in love with Erica, a symbol for beauty and attraction. Changes hides his culture and background to impress her. His attraction towards Erica resembles the attraction towards America. Erica’s charm, attraction reflect the world status and power of America. Her name was part of America. Changes introduces himself as a New Yorker and behaves and speaks like American. It is very true that we can act like romans in the Rome but we can’t be a roman. In the same way Changes was not camouflaged by his expensive suit, car and even American friends. He adapts American traditions, culture. He adopts the neo-colonialism but he never be compared like white American, Chris, an ex-boyfriend of Erica. Erica was unable to forget her dead lover, she used to wear his T-shirt to remember her bond with American Chris. Unfortunately, Changes and Erica becomes one in physical contact. Even that time also, Erica images Changes as her ex-boyfriend Chris. Actually Changes offers himself to become Chris, in his desperation to overcome the dilemma of dysfunctional love of Erica. When changes gives up his name,

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