Colonialism In Pan Africanism

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Pan Africanism is believed to have its origin in the struggle of the black people against enslavement and colonialism. The struggle or fight is far war back as first slave resistance on slave ships by Africans, the emergency of the spirit of “Ethiopianism” among African slaves on plantation farms in the new world, incessant African slave struggle on plantation farms in the Americas to the reverberated victory of Somerset versus Stewart judgment of 1772. However, it was not until the twentieth century that it gained momentum as a distinct political and self-liberalization movement of the black race the world over. As such, opinion varies among scholars as to whetherthe pan Africanism conference of 1900 organised by Sylvester Henry Williams marked the genesis of Pan Africanism movement. However the thrust of this paper is to establish the fact that every stage and event in Pan Africanism was timeous and not coincidental, and that a particular liberation solved the very problem at the time and finally that a strong wave of Pan Africanism is relevant for industrial decolonization of the continent. History of Africa is replete with diverse struggles against…show more content…
Pan Africanists began searching for various ways of quelling the flames of colonialism and imperialistic expansion that was ravaging the entire continent. At the 1921 pan Africanist conference, the leaders unanimously demanded for the recognition of the political, social and cultural freedoms of the Africans. The 1945 conference had the most reverberated impact on the decolonization process of African states. It led to the emergence of new breed of Pan Africanists such as Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Nimadi Azikiwe of Nigeria and Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya who passionately fought for the independence of African

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