Essay On The Pros And Cons Of American Colonialism

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Colonialism has brought bad blood between nations, some were beneficial to the colonizers, and some former colonies are still struggling to rise today and are dubbed “third world countries.” Three hundred years ago, parts of the world today did not exist for themselves; they existed for others. Colonialism has been long fought against and the wars that occurred in the light of freedom paved the way to the world today: interconnected, independent. Albeit European colonialism brought a wider global coverage and led to the discovery of new nations, it also benefited them the most in terms of the superiority they gained by colonizing and being wealthier by creating new economic ports around the world. Racial discrimination and thirst for economic gain derived from the lasting effects of colonialism, but above all this infused the spirit of nationalism and thirst for equality, and the improvement of cultures and men’s and women’s roles in society.
Loss of identity occurred as their culture is overlapped and stripped off with large scale conversions of the Western ideals. In this light, self doubt comes in out the idea that the Europeans established regarding human rights.
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Developing countries today are having a hard time to improve because of the self doubt and issues the colonization brought. In example, the wars—national and international—caused great dejection in the economies of the affected countries and some are still struggling to rise, whilst others were able to recover. However, on the other hand, one of the pro that came out of colonialism is the international trade that greatly helped countries. Although in the beginning, Europeans gained by the increased wealth through the industries and modernization, it also enabled the colonies to learn the stakes of industrialization. However, citing Amy Bhatt, who
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