Colonialism In The Poisonwood Bible

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The novel, The poisonwood Bible, opens with the Price family beginning their journey to the African Congo, where they will act as Baptist missionaries to “help” the Congolese people. The book is set during the 1960’s, and during this time is when Africa became a largely sought after continent, with many more powerful countries invading trying to take control of the land. The “Scramble for Africa” was written to explain the want for Africa that is expressed in the book. The author, Kingsolver, incorporates the historical happenings of this time period into the book, successfully encompassing the effects that colonialism, the taking over of foreign land, had on the people there. Throughout the poisonwood bible the Price family is shown the truly devastating and immoral effects of colonialism throughout Africa and the Congolese community, making them come to terms with the unethical proceedings of not only their mission, but colonialism as a whole, revealing to readers that…show more content…
Both groups have been able to delve into the negative and hurtful consequences of this practice, and have been able to experience a further realization of their actions. The congolese people reluctance and resistance has allowed them to grow closer together as a community, and one united body. The Price’s regret of their actions led them to be better christians and better people in general. Throughout these character changes, the author has clearly showcased the truly negative effects of colonialism, as both groups are forced to change their lifestyle in order to accommodate for it. All in all, Kingsolver brilliantly portrays colonialism as a harmful to natives and missionaries, showing, on a global scale, how those involved with it throughout history have been able to grow, although not exactly morally or
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