Colonialism: The Role Of Imperialism In Latin America

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Imperialism in Latin America
Imperialism is viewed differently in different areas of the world. The United States view imperialism as a good thing. Latin America views imperialism from the united states as a bad thing. It was beneficial for the United States. It was also not so beneficial for the United States. It was also a little beneficial for Latin America. It was greatly not beneficial for Latin America.
The reason United States view imperialism as a good thing is because they traded with Latin America (United States).. They got many goods from them. They also created the panama canal (United States). That was so that they can have a faster way to ship goods to the Pacific from the Atlantic ocean. They gained control over the Nicaragua's
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Even though Latin American countries did not like imperialism they still got a few things from imperialism. The first thing that they got is money. The at first got it from England but then england started to want them to pay back so the came to America looking for money (Latin America). America gave them the money but in return they asked for their railroad system and the national bank (Latin America). The second thing they got is political power. In the text it says”Huerta step down and that U.S. troops withdraw without paying Mexico for damages.Mexico rejected the plan, and Wilson refused to recognize a government that had come to power as a result of violence” (Latin America).
Latin american’s strongly dislike imperialism for many reasons. They disliked because they had no control over themselves. It went from one nation to the next. Over who had power over Latin American. That was because Latin America needed lots of money because they weren't self reliant (Latin America).They paid their workers with vouchers that could only be used at their own supply stores (Latin America). Their wages were low and prices were
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They also paid an annual fee of 250000 dollars a month (United States). The total cost to build the canal was 380 million dollars (United States). Most of the people died from it. Approximately 5600 workers died (United States). They also had to loan money to Nicaragua(United States). In the end they lost the canal (Brazil).In the text it says “...US agreed to return the canal back to Panama…” (Brazil). Also “United States also intervened… occupied its territory until 1933...a near constant state of rebellion…”
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