Colonialism: The Role Of Imperialism In The United States

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From 1890 to 1915 the United States extended their borders and gained power, or what is called imperialism. Imperialism is the right choice to spread a country's influence around the world. For instance, imperialism can increase trade around the world, the US can make countries more successful in spreading our ways of living, and imperialism is necessary to expand the United States and make our country a world power. Imperialism is important to our country as a power, so the United States can be a supremacy to the world. First off, imperialism can increase trade. Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan had wanted to find new ways to trade in the markets. It states, “Mahan believed that the U.S. economy would soon be unable to absorb the massive amounts…show more content…
The Ideological motive of imperialism influenced our nation to spread civilization around the world. The White Man's Burden plays a big role in imperialism by spreading culture and the way we live throughout the countries. An example of the “White Man’s Burden” is making a non-European more like a European. William McKinley was in favor of taking control of the Philippines to educate them and making them more like us. In the 1960’s revisionist historians who were critical of imperialism had started to realised that, “McKinley as a cunning and manipulative leader bent on expanding American influence in the world”. McKinley was one of the biggest contributors to spreading influence on the world, especially in the Philippines. Spreading our countries influence around the world and educating people from foreign countries would create more power in the United States and would increase…show more content…
Reverend Josiah Strong is a member of the clergy in a Christian church, “We have become an asiatic power, close to the Yellow Sea, and we find it easy to believe that ‘There’s a divinity that shapes our ends’.” This means that our nation is expanding because we we believe that it is what we should do according to god. The United States annexed new territories overseas, which increased trade and gave our military ships places to refuel. Industrial expansion is another important part of expanding. Strong had also said, “Industrial expansion is an absolute necessity to competitive manufacturers”. Industrial expansion is important because when there is more business in the industry, that leads to more jobs, more workers, and more money. The United States can increase the economy and then we be become a strong industrial nation. The last thing that comes with the expansion is military. Alfred Thayer Mahan had believed that, “No modern nation could be a great nation without a powerful navy, a superior merchant fleet, and overseas colonies. Mahan is talking about how our nation will not be a good country without the powerful things we need. He says you need a powerful navy, which is important to the annexing of countries and
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