Similarities Between Colonisation And The Colonized By Albert Memmi

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from a postcolonial perspective under the guise of homogenising, national stability, and federalism the coloniser perpetuate the oppression of the marginalised . Besides the coloniser is aware of his ‘double illegitimacy’ because the foreigner creates a place of his own and takes away the place of the inhabitant .He legitimates this usurpation by substituting local laws with his own. It is not quite unnatural that the narrator’s mind indulged such notions or may be his mind nurtured the concept in a repressed state. In case of repression an individual psychologically attempts to repel desires or impulses by excluding it from the conscious and subduing it in the unconscious .Albert Memmi , in his nonfiction work The Colonizer and the Colonized, vindicates the fact that all racism and xenophobia consists of delusions about oneself including absurd and unjust aggression towards others. This is applicable for…show more content…
This gulf between the colonizer and the colonized emphasises those issues that keep them separate .By exploiting these differences, the coloniser finds justification for rejecting his subject. Orwell’s narrator may be sympathetic towards the tortured colonized people, but always keeps a safe distance from them because of his repressed ethnocentrism. The post colonial discourse concentrates on the colonialism develops a certain fundamental oppressive structures in class, gender and caste. The pivotal concept of ‘to write history from the below’ argues that apart from the colonial technique one should attempt to retrieve history that has been silenced or erased by both colonial and nationalist powers .Apart from that colonialism has its impact on both

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