Colonies In The South Dbq Essay

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DBQ #1 During the 17th century, many colonies were founded on the North American continent. The most significant colonies were created by Englishmen who left Europe for several reasons. Even though most colonies were founded by fellow Englishmen, there were two regions that evolved into two distinct societies. There were many factors to why these two regions evolved so differently, but the biggest factor were the motives of each colonist. The motives of each Englishmen caused certain people to emigrate to different areas of the New World. Colonies in the south were created for the main purpose of making money, and the colonists who settled in the south consists of mainly young, passionate men looking for wealth and land. According to…show more content…
Because the colonies in the north originated from a motive of religion, their government was influenced by religion, and it also had a hand in religious matters. The Articles of Agreement, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636 is proof of the government influenced by religion. (Doc. D). Because of that, northern colonies were more democratic and egalitarian than the one’s in the south. The south colonies were influenced by the dream of achieving great wealth and their economy and government were focused on that exact motive. Agriculture dominated the south with its ability to produce exceptional wealth for plantation owners. However, they were in need of labor and so they “made all men their slaves in hopes of recompenses.” (Doc. F) Many Englishmen brought over indentured servants from Europe who served as the foundation of the labor force for plantations. Soon enough, ¾ of the population in the south colonies were made of indentured servants. The northern colonies did not turn to agriculture but instead turned to fur trading, commerce, and fishing. Unlike the south who worked only for money, the northern colonies worked to make just enough for themselves to survive. According to Wage and Price Regulations in Connecticut, 1676, the government regulated the prices so all the colonists were not too rich or too poor. (Doc. E) These motives have influenced all the
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