Colonies Mother Country

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Colonies and Their Mother Country Although the conflict between Great Britain and her North American colonies rooted from economic, political and social reasons, economic played the strongest role followed by political and to a lesser extent social reasons. There wasn’t just one problem that lead to the rebellion of the colonists; many factors contributed like the acts imposed by Great Britain. The colonies were used to support their mother country economically, providing goods and a market. After the French and Indian War, Britain began enforcing mercantilism on the colonies. The following fifteen years consisted of the colonies finding their path to revolution and independence. To pay off the debt caused by the war, the Sugar Act was enacted and the colonists began to be taxed. Following the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act and Quartering Act were passed. The House of Commons considered repealing the Stamp Act but the Declaratory Act was passed in wake of the Stamp Act repeal. The Parliament of Great…show more content…
The conflict started because of mercantilism. Britain passed many laws and documents, like the tax acts, to the colonies. If those negative interactions weren’t made towards the colonies, the colonists wouldn’t have gotten angry and began to revolt. With the passing of them, social and political effects took place. The laws and events affected trade and the flow of money. So, socially the colonists’ lives were affected too. They developed ideologies on Britain. They started to believe in republicanism and Whig ideals; Britain’s government did not support that. The colonists were used to self-government and refused to be taxed without representation.Britain further angered the colonists by passing bills and legislation. The colonists became convinced about the idea of independence and finally opposed Great
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