Colonisation Of Education

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Colonisation has had a huge impact on the educational system of Africa, thus causing a separation between people in terms of cultural views, economic life and indigenous knowledge. Education is the process whereby an educator engages him/herself with the learner in sharing information and knowledge. The African philosophy of education is a system introduced to establish and engage African people in the activities of the country, for them to be able to participate in bettering the country. The purpose of education in the context of African philosophy is to provide a platform for African people to add value to society. This essay will discuss the things that need to be implemented in order to involve indigenous knowledge in the curriculum.
Education has the objective to fill one’s mind with the knowledge intended to enhance society and knowledge cannot be taken away from you once you’ve obtained it. Education
Europeans exercised their authority on African people by colonising Africa. The Colonization of the European people in Africa has had an impact on the cultural, scientific and economic life of African people. The power of colonisation cut off indigenous knowledge. African people lost their identity, and their purposes then they became westernised by having a Western Eurocentric behaviour and identity.
African people have lost their values and colonisation created distance between African people and their own culture and religion. The reason for that, the colonisation or

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