Colonists Decision To Stay With Great Britain

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Colonists, is your freedom really worth it? The losses that we face when we separate will be detrimental. But it can all be prevented if we just stay loyal to Great Britain. One consequence we will face is death and destruction. We will be attacked by the crushing force of Britain’s army and will be hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned. They will ravage our towns and take people out of their homes with no remorse. And when we go to war with what little army we have, many good men will die. And if we stay loyal there are benefits that Britain can provide. They can give us protection against other countries. Our army is weak and we can’t hope to defend ourselves from more powerful countries such as France. They also supply us with goods that we need that we can’t always get ourselves. If we separate then we will have to fend for ourselves for supplies that we need.…show more content…
if we want to continue growing then we need the help of Britain. Leaving them will slow us down drastically. And even if we win the war it will be hard to get back on our feet. So make the logical decision colonists and stay with Great Britain so we can prevent the consequences that will come and the losses we will

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