Colonization In America

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Around the time when America was discovered, there were many critical changes in Europe. Here were some factors that caused England to become slow in exploration and colonization. First, English people had a very little experience in overseas trading. In addition, hearing that there was a bad relationship between the American Indians and the Spaniards also discouraged their interests. Second, there were many religious disputes and reformations during that period, which caused many conflicts between the protestants and the Catholics. Finally, because of the severe religious conflicts in England, it affected its economy. Their devastated economy allowed people to slowly look for opportunities elsewhere, and the Americas were one of those places.…show more content…
For examples, one of the biggest changes was religion. Back then, there were many disputes about the Catholic teachings. The two prominent religious figures, who completely impacted the way people view religion, were a German monk named Martin Luther, and a Frenchman named John Calvin. Their understandings of true faith and predestination caused many people to find flaws in the catholic doctrines, which later formed a group called the protestants. As conflicts between the catholics and the protestants became more violent, it affected the English economy. In Europe, England was known for their production of woolen cloth, and they had been successful in establishing trade companies in other Europeans countries. But, because of the increasing unemployment caused by severe religious conflicts in England, the English slowly began to look for opportunities in the Americas. Even though England was inexperienced with overseas trading, or heard that there were hostile Indians, they were still hopeful in establishing an overseas trade like the…show more content…
However, it took many attempts for Americans to succeed. For examples, the first group who attempted to settle was a group organized by Walter Raleigh. They planted a settlement on Roanoke Island, off the North Carolina coast in 1585. This group, small and lacked many resources, failed to maintain peaceful relations with the Indians and eventually disappeared by the time another colony arrived. Another tiny colony arrived in Guiana, off the South American coast, also failed in 1604. As more attempts were made, people still continued to fail in establishing a permanent settlement until 1607. In 1607, the first permanent settlement were established by a group of English merchants at Jamestown, Virginia. At first, Native Americans helped this weak settlement by supplying them with food and care. However, later, unable to maintain peaceful relations with the Indian tribes, Jamestown began to grow tobacco on the Chesapeake and it prospered because of their growing tobacco trades with other European
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