Colonization In Jamestown

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Jamestown may have prospered, given proper usage of time and energy. The colonists of Jamestown have made many mistakes, which led to the downfall of Jamestown. Many were not prepared to colonize. If changes were made to the types of people sent, location, supplies sent, government and plans of growth, Jamestown surely would have done much better. With these changes, the outcome of colonizing in Jamestown would have been much easier and prosperous. If given the chance to change the types of people sent to Jamestown, I would have sent many hard-working people of many professions to Jamestown. Women, men, children, all people are needed. Specific professions to send that would be helpful early on are doctors, architects, farmers, and constructors. Doctors are most definitely useful in healing wounded colonists, treating disease, and mayhaps prevent illness. Architects can design houses for the colonists that best prepare them for harsh weather. Skilled constructors would take the designs from the architects and build them well, using the elaborate design made by the architects be well-made in the three-dimensional plane. Farmers are essential. The colonists of Jamestown were also not prepared with proper supplies. The colonists should have been well-off if they were prepared with extra crops and of…show more content…
They were busy looking for gold and a road or a path that probably never even existed. Given proper attention to the task at hand, the colonists would have survived a bit longer. Peace with the Native Americans would be beneficial, for trade and generally keeping peace. Repopulation is also important, so that the colonists don’t die out either from age or disease, and leave the colony empty of civilization. Farming, too, is a concept that should not be ignored. Farm and farm, keep farming, and you get more and more food for harsh weather and in times of
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