Colonization Performance Task

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Colonization Performance Task For the New England colonies, there were many reasons why the colonies why and wouldn’t have willingness to defend the crown of Great Britain. The five big ideas that the reasons of willingness and reluctance can be broken down into. The five big ideas are: the colonists’ motivation for moving to the colonies, economic characteristics of the colony, social and cultural characteristics of the colony, regional political structure (its impact) of the colony, and the geography and climate of the region. For the New England colonists’ motivation for moving to the colonies, the Puritans of the New England section might comply with the British is because they want to be a model to everyone else. Another reason they might comply is that the Puritans’ religion is based of England’s. Their reluctance to defending the crown includes the reason why they migrated was to escape religious persecution. The Pilgrims’ are very intolerant of other religion. Altogether, for motivation for moving to the colonies, the Puritans might have helped, while on the other hand, the…show more content…
One of the main two ways that social and cultural characteristics would benefit the war effort were that the colonies in the New England were mostly made up of villages which could be used to house the soldiers. The other characteristic that would benefit the war was that there were skilled craftsmen who could forge weapons that could be used in war. One of the challenges to the war effort were that the Pilgrims and Puritans migrated to escape religious persecution that was imposed by Great Britain. Another challenge to war effort is that they only like their own religion and were highly intolerant of other religions. Lastly, tying in the second challenge to war effort was that the Pilgrims believed that anyone not of their own religion was an “imposter” and didn’t belong in the
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